What is Project III XVI?


Project  III : XVI

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

 Project III : XVI is an evangelistic initiative to assist and to enable Christians to reach out with the message of God’s love through Jesus Christ.  The initiative endeavors to empower congregational members to take the first step (a simple step) in sharing the clear message of the gospel to the world they live in.  The great commission (a command to go and to preach the gospel) was written into the hearts of every born-again believer through the power of the Holy Spirit.  That simply means that Christians know inherently that they have a role to play in fulfilling the great commission.  At the heart of the Project III XVI initiative is the FourSmiles gospel tract.  The Smile tract is a marketing genius in that it immediately catches the attention of those who see it while yet being very inexpensive to produce. It is a simple smiling preacher that, likened to a mustard seed, has the ability to move mountains in the life of a sinner. For the timid Christian, a seed sown, a Smile given, has the ability through God’s Word to bring the voice of God to the heart of a sinner.  Many sinners have come to the Lord through tract distribution. Then, to those more mature in Christian witness, it easily opens the door to initiate conversation. After the conversation the Smile tract will continue to reinforce what was said.  In either case of witness (to those passing by or to those who find themselves in a conversation) the Smile tract will be preaching and will draw the sinner to the prayer of salvation on the back – reinforcing the need of praying as well as an example of what to say to God in repentance. Remember, it is the goodness of God that leads a sinner to repent, and this Smiling preacher conveys God’s goodness through the simplicity of a smile.

 Reach Out your Hand   This simple phrase changed the life of a man with a crippled hand.  Surrounded by the hatred of religious leaders, a man with a crippled hand had been strategically placed to tempt Jesus and to see if He would heal on the sabbath.  The crippled man felt a multitude of emotions as he stood before the eyes of all those in the temple.  Not only was he insecure by the haunting stares of the religious, but everyone could now see his handicap.  A withered hand that he had learned to hide, keeping it next to his side, usually hidden by the sleeve of his garment.  As he stood there before Jesus, he soon became distracted by a presence he had never encountered in Jerusalem’s majestic temple.  Looking into the eyes of Jesus he began to feel faith rise in his heart and then suddenly, like lightning breaking through the darkness of the night, words came forth, words that carried a gentle love that was saturated in such power – “Stretch Out You Hand”.  No sooner after Jesus spoke forth this command the man found himself doing the unthinkable – he stretched forth his withered arm before the eyes of all watching.  As his arm reached out the power of God fell, igniting his faith and there before all men his arm was healed - completely restored.  So it is with the church in the west.  We have lived with a withered arm concerning the preaching of the gospel long enough.  The prophetic word to the church,  “ITS TIME TO STRETCH OUT YOUR HAND”.    


How Does Project III : XVI Work?

 Step One: Contact us. Let us help you empower your congregation to Stretch Out their hands with the power of the gospel.

Let us assist you in designing the best outreach platform for you and your congregation to launch out into an exciting adventure with God, through the preaching of the gospel.

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