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Planting the Nations with a Smile of the love of God

The Smile tract was written by Eric Casto in Crawley, England in the year 2000.  After writing the first draft he wasn't sure if the tract would work - so into a file it went.  Later that year, after meeting Prince Charles, now King Charles III, an anointing for Great Britain came upon him and the Lord opened the nation up to him through the planting of gospel seed, otherwise known as the "Smile" tract.  Now, 22 years later, the Smile tract has been translated into many languages and has gone out to the ends of the earth.  It truly was a God idea.  Now, through our III XVI initiative, it is our desire to help facilitate outreach, across the nations, through providing this tool to churches.  For more information on how your church can use this tool for outreach, email us at: office@foursmiles.com or call us at USA (321) 248-4177, or 0208 144 2004 in the United Kingdom.  (Updated 06/2023)



Languages (click to download)

Albanian Smile

Flemish Smile

French Smile

German Smile

Hungarian Smile

Italian Smile

Japanese Smile

Latvian Smile

Lithuanian Smile

Polish Smile

Portuguese BZ

Russian There is Hope

Spanish Smile A5

Spanish Smile USA

Swedish Smile

Ukrainian There is Hope








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